Which PC should I choose?

Unfortunately, there's no easy answer to that question. It depends on what exactly you're looking to get out of your system. If you're purely looking for a gaming PC, then you'll need a different spec to someone who wants to do 3D modelling or photo editing.

So how do you pick the best PC for you?

If you're looking for some personalised advice on the best PC for you, whether you're an expert or a technophobe, feel free to get in touch. Tell us what you're looking to get from your system, and we'll be happy to talk you through the best options. Don't be shy - we get a lot of calls and emails which start with people apologising for not knowing enough about computers. You don't need to, that's what we're here for!

Why should I buy from Vibox?

Good question. There's a lot of PC companies out there, and a lot of them offer very similar specs. So why pick Vibox? Well since opening shop in 2009, we've gone from being a small, local PC retailer in sunny Stockport to one of the most trusted manufacturers of gaming PCs across Europe.

Our hard work over the years hasn't gone unnoticed. We're one of the only PC companies in the UK to have a 5-star Excellent rating on Trustpilot and our products have previously received awards and praise from such well-known names as Hexus, PCAdvisor and PCGameWare.

In addition to our reputation, what sets us apart is our service. Included with every PC is the Vibox Evolution Gold Warranty - the only standard warranty in the UK that promises a lifetime of technical support, repairs and upgrades in addition to 2 years' parts cover.

For more information on Vibox, and why you should pick us to build your next PC, have a look at our About Us page.

Buying a PC

How long will it take to get my PC?

We build each PC to order, so the build time can vary from system to system. It depends on the on the complexity of the specification, any extras (such as overclocks), and the amount of systems in the queue.

Once built, we run intensive stress tests on every PC to make sure it's working as it should be. As soon as it clears our testing and quality control, we'll dispatch it on the quickest service possible. To mainland UK, this is a next working day service, other locations across Europe can vary.

If you're buying the PC for a special occasion, such as a birthday, please let us know. While we can never promise anything, we do have a soft spot for birthday PCs, and we'll do our best to get it out on time!

How will my PC be delivered?

We use bespoke packaging for each of our PCs. Your PC tower will be packaged in the case's original padded box, which will then be placed into a larger box with any extra accessories.

We'll then pass your package onto a courier, either DPD, TNT or Chronopost dependent on your location. Then, we send you an email with your tracking information, allowing you to follow the progress of your parcel on the courier's website. On the day of delivery you should receive an email and/or text from the courier letting you know it's out for delivery. This message will also usually provide options to rearrange delivery to another date, authorise delivery to a neighbour, or to request a pick-up from your local depot.

Can I pick up a PC from your premises?

This can be arranged - when you order is placed through the website, please send us a message through our website's contact form with your unique order reference stating you'd like it to be collected instead of shipped and we'll handle the rest - getting in contact as soon as the PC is ready for pickup.

My PC arrived damaged/faulty

We issue a full quality control check on every PC before dispatch, but on occasion things can go wrong in transit. If there are any issues upon receipt of the item, or if you're not 100% satisfied, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be sure to get everything resolved for you. Please make sure to include your order number to help our team identify your order.


Where's my product key?

All of our PCs now come with a digital licence for Windows pre-installed on the PC. If you need your key for a re-activation, feel free to contact our team with your order number, and they can retrieve this for you.

"Select Proper Boot Device and Insert Boot Media"

This means there is no Operating System (i.e. Windows) installed. If you've purchased a PC without Windows, this screen is completely normal, it just means you'll need to install your Operating System. If you've purchased Windows with your PC we will install it for you, so if you see this screen in error, please get in touch and we'll be able to advise you further.

Why have you sent me the wrong graphics card?

This question usually has a very common explanation.

If you were expecting an AMD or Nvidia card but have received a card from a different brand, this is normal. AMD and Nvidia only produce the graphics processor which power the cards; the full cards are made by manufacturers such as MSI, ASUS, Zotac, Inno3d and more. So while your card may have one of these brands printed on the outside, it will certainly be an AMD or Nvidia card; it's what’s inside that counts!

If you still think there's an issue with the card you've purchased, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why can’t I connect to the internet?

If you’re trying to connect to a wireless network, please bear in mind the majority of desktop PCs don't have built-in wireless capability. If your PC doesn't this connectivity by default, you’ll need a wireless adapter. If we’ve provided one, you’ll need to plug it into a USB port - any should do!

What are Drivers?

Drivers are small files that tell Windows what hardware you have in your PC and how to interact with it. Your Motherboard drivers cover your USB ports, ethernet connection, and audio. Your graphics card and USB devices may need their own drivers.

Why is my PC crashing and showing a blue screen?

Windows’ infamous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) means the PC has hit an error and needs to restart. While the name is a little scary, it’s usually down to something as simple as a corrupt driver or Windows file.

If you're not experienced with these errors, they can be a little intimidating, so please let us help.

Installing a programme called WhoCrashed will generate a comprehensive report of all previous blue screen errors. If you're getting bluescreen errors, please install WhoCrashed from this link, install it, click Analyse and send us a copy of the report generated. We'll be able to analyse the report and advise you further.

My PC is too loud/hot

Gaming PCs are more powerful than normal PCs, and generate more heat, so the fans sometimes need to run a little faster to keep everything cool.

To ease the pressure on the fans, please keep the PC in an open, well-ventilated space. It's also advisable to purchase a can of compressed air specially designed for cleaning computers (usually no more than £10) to clear any dust out of the fans every few months.

Keep in mind many components start to throttle at 100 Degrees and the safe zone for many modern CPUs is around 85-90 degrees Celsius when under load - these temperatures can see hot if you're not used to seeing them but they are normal!

My PC won't display

With new PCs, the vast majority of the time this means that the monitor isn't connected to the correct port. If you have a graphics card, the motherboard graphics ports will be disabled.

If you're certain the PC is wired up correctly, the next step is to isolate the issue. The next step is to try the PC with a different cable and different screen, if possible. If you're unable to do this, or if it doesn't solve the issue, please get in touch, let us know the issue and we'll do everything possible to help.